Intimate Charleston Engagement Photo
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Intimate Charleston Engagement Photo

One of the first greatest things about hiring a wedding photographer is having your upcoming engagement session. Here you will experience many different parts of that image-maker skills, by having a great understanding and idea of what you can expect, on how your images are going to be captured on your wedding day. ..Feeling comfortable in front of the camera is key and the first rule. Letting you be you, and not being posed is crucial. Having many different backgrounds with all of the great variety we have here is a must, especially here in Charleston, SC. Last you must enjoy the engagement session and walk away feeling more in love and siked about the epic upcoming engagement photos you can expect to receive. ..With all of these factors come the experience and knowledge that the storyteller has in creating those engagement images. They must represent the true emotion and love for the art in those compelling engagement images.

Location: 310 King Street Suite B Charleston, SC .

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