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Charleston, SC Wedding Planning

Congratulations you are engaged. You have done your research, and made the best decision like most other American couples who married in 2018, one in four 23% considered their wedding a destination wedding. A smart choice for your wedding budget because an average cost for a destination wedding will typically be $28,152, versus the traditional U.S. wedding ranging from $32,900 & up. You are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience and for it to be intimate & unique. That is why you selected a Southern Charm theme & why your wedding will take place in the second-largest city for destination weddings on the east coast, what we locals refer to Our Holy City of Charleston, SC. This is your first step to building a future together and you could have not picked a better city for the rich history and pure romance. Wedding planning can also be exciting and fun. With today's technology that includes the internet despite your distance, you can get a wealth of information and use Skype or FaceTime, or Zoom to meet your preferred vendors, just like if you were right there in front of them. I think that too many wedding vendors mimic the words planning & stressful too much. It scares you, however, it should not, it is like baby steps, you need to take your time, find the right vendors, meet & get to know them, have a few conversations & see if the vibes & knowledge are there? This is why after 19 years of being a wedding photographer in Our Holy City of Charleston, SC, I am often asked by many of my client's questions about how they should start planning for their wedding. This being the main reason, I created a collection, an incredible inventory of great resources for your wedding planning to help answer all of those questions. You will find guides, tips from local vendors, free spreadsheets for budget, and much much more.

Charleston, SC Wedding Venues

I have built what I know to be the best inventory and most informative helpful content of the 65 wedding venues we have here in Charleston, SC for those engaged couples who are exploring many of these various wedding venues. They include Plantation Wedding Venues, Rustic Wedding Venues, Hotels Wedding Venues, Elegant Wedding Venues, Historic Homes, Beach & Resorts Club Waterfront Wedding Venues, Unique Wedding Venues, Boats Wedding Venues. You can read more and get a great feel and idea by narrowing down your selection of Charleston SC Wedding Venues.

Charleston, SC Wedding Planners

We currently have over 42 wedding planners located in Charleston, SC. Who will be that person that will guide you with all of your major decision? The wedding planner you should hire? What do they charge, should you have a full planning wedding planner, or partial coordinating, or a day of coordinating? It all depends on what fits and works best for you. I am working on that great resource for this as well as who are the best wedding planners.

Charleston, SC Wedding Planning Resources

With so many tasks, if you are looking at Pinterest or Instagram, for your wedding inspiration or have a mother in law to be that is well organized, from budget trackers, checklist, to the best wedding apps, including all of the new emerging tips from the top pro's wedding vendors on the scene, you will find The Ultimate Charleston, SC wedding planning guide by Michel Berda that I have created for you all fun and very insightful. I hope my passion and want to give you all the best free advice and resources will make your decision to have your wedding in Charleston, SC simple and timeless. Happy Wedding Planning..

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