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Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation Weddings

Boone Hall Plantation,which is on the National Register of Historic Places, located in Mount Pleasant, SC.The plantation is located 7 miles from downtown Charleston.available for wedding clients intimate Lowcountry affair. Boone Hall Plantation was founded in 1681 by Major John Boone who came to Charleston, Sc. he established a very lucrative plantation Mansion, with Smokehouse, Cotton gin house, Stables, Dock house, Seabrook Cottages, Commissary Building and grand home on the banks of Wampacheone Creek. The plantation includes a large Colonial Revival several flower and gardens, The Avenue Of Oaks, that are about 68-year-old and the Cotton Dock, A rustic building. It is still a working plantation, by growing produce such has tomatoes and strawberries, which is then sold by their market. This legendary structure sets the stage for celebrating some of life's most special moments…and launching new beginnings of every kind. The majestic Southern plantation served as the backdrop for every wedding event and the vintage visions, a perfect wedding venue selected by many couples for their weddings. It can accommodate weddings up to 500 people depending on location choice. For example, the Boone Hall Plantation Cotton Dock can hold 175-200 people for a seated event with out a dance floor, a 150 with a dance floor, and up to 300 for a mingling function. The dock that overlooks the creek can hold 100 chairs. having the perfect wedding coordinator, and vendors can truly make this venue a top choice for your venue list.