westin resort spa hilton head wedding photos
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westin resort spa hilton head wedding photos

An engagement ring is probably the greatest gift of love for all future brides. The meaning and thought that went into it. The ring that will be on your finger for many decades to celebrate your true love for one another. For me, it is one of the most creative ways I choose to express myself as a wedding master photographer, because many magazines, wedding photographers, artists have tried to capture this amazing piece of jewelry for so many years in different images. One of the ways I get creative and capture this ring in so many different ways all the time where non of my engagement images are alike is to walk into the bride suite in this case at the Westin Resort & Spa in Hilton Head, Sc. As I got into the room and asked the bride for her engagement ring, knowing the theme of the wedding that featured the sweetgrass rose also known as Palmetto rose that dates back to the civil war, that the tradition was that southern ladies would give their true love this rose for keepsake. The beauty in these Palmetto roses is that no two roses are the same they are very unique in their appearance. Being very familiar with the bridal suite at the Westin Resort & Spa in Hilton Head, SC, I knew where I could incorporate this collaboration of Palmetto Rose with this incredible brilliant elegant diamond engagement ring, with the best possible light. With the perfect setting and staging of the roses properly this image is one of a kind, unique, elegant, with the perfect wedding theme. A total accomplishment of always pushing the envelope to create an amazing image.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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