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wedding pictures palmetto dunes

Photography is an art form. Many times a photographer using his or her camera, to create that. In wedding photography the day goes by very fast, you have many different types of wedding photographers, ones that capture images as if they were in a sporting event, while others just take the basic photos that they have copied or just time and time over have done the same. For me that is not my style, I know for every different part of the wedding day, what I want to capture, I also know what the clients asked of me to capture, and I know what my heart and eyes like to capture. Here is a wedding picture from Palmetto Dunes, that I was so happy to capture. While the bride was putting on her dress, the bridesmaids were there looking at her and helping her with various parts of her dress, jewelry, and veil. I am always unobtrusive my goal is to be a fly on the wall, to make very sure that I do not disturb this fantastic bond and moment they all have for her. Sometimes you have to see the art you want to capture, you have to wonder why am I moving more to the left or do I want my subject to the far right, how can I make this wedding picture at Palmetto Dunes have that wow factor. This is me this is my art, my love for creating one-of-a-kind images for taking a moment and turning it into a piece of art. A wedding picture at Palmetto Dunes.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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