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Wedding Photographers The Westin Hilton Head Island

Many wedding photographers these days rely on only two sources to create their wedding photos. One of the ease of use of any camera and technology they have. Today's camera does everything for you and even gives you the picture result instantly on the back of the camera. Well, this one is too dark let's try this...! Two, God lights called ambient lighting again given you great wedding images using only those two principles are what most rely on. The real question after seeing many wedding photographer Instagram posts that I always ask myself for most wedding clients, Why are you paying so much money for a wedding photographer when this is NOT truly a technical professional wedding photographer?..It has been said that "Without good lighting, the best camera in the world can’t capture a perfect picture." Using great lighting to enhance images, create depth, and support the story’s mood and atmosphere, is what a true lighting master wedding photographer is made of. .. Lighting a scene requires trial and error. I have to always very carefully consider the lighting setup and the role it plays in creating a certain mood. By balancing out the key light with a fill light. There are literally infinite ways to light a scene, and each one has the potential to drastically change how my bridal couple will view themself in their wedding images. ..For this particular wedding photo that I captured at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa, that my clients hired me specifically for was my wedding photography knowledge and experience. I used a lighting aesthetic with little to no harsh shadows that are bright yet balanced the couple and I actually created the water fountain colors. Yes, this scene was pitch dark and it took almost 1 hr to set up and balance perfectly. As you can see the result of this wedding image is why most wedding clients that are getting married at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa honor me to be their wedding photographer.

Location: Two Grasslawn Ave, Hilton Head Island, SC.

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