Wedding photographer Charleston SC
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Wedding photographer Charleston SC

When a wedding client is looking for a wedding photographer in Charleston, SC I usually get the honor and request from that wedding client. You see I am proud that I have invested 17 years of being a wedding photographer in Charleston, SC for many reasons. I enjoy every wedding. They are all very different to me, my client's styles and themes for their weddings are also very different. Another reason I have been a wedding photographer in Charleston, SC is that I have captured over 500 weddings. These wonderful wedding clients make a huge investment in a wedding photographer. Thus I believe that every wedding photographer in Charleston, SC should know about capturing the emotions and the true essence of a wedding, by having great knowledge of his or her camera but more importantly to have the skills in the various lighting techniques so that you can create a compelling wedding image. You see these amazing clients wanted that type of a specific wedding image. The essence of true love, the power of a great lighting effect, the pop of vibrant colors, and the emotion of great possing and love they will cherish when they reminisce over this wedding image I created for them.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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