Wedding photo Charleston SC
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Wedding photo Charleston SC

One of my favorite moments to capture at a wedding is the father and daughter dance, which is also one of the most searched-for wedding photos in Charleston, SC. Capturing this moment, along with other reception events, requires a good understanding of lighting and panning while also being unobtrusive. It's important to let the father and daughter have their private moment while also allowing the groom, family, and friends to enjoy the occasion. As a wedding photographer for over 18 years in Charleston, SC, I am always interested in how my competitors capture these moments. Some photographers use a short focal length lens and get very close, but I prefer to be a fly on the wall and document the moment from a distance using a long focal length zoom lens. This approach allows me to respect the privacy of my clients and their guests. By capturing emotions on the dance floor without being intrusive, I can create a perfect documentation of their special day

Location: Charleston, SC.

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