Top Wedding Photographer in Charleston
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Top Wedding Photographer in Charleston

As a top wedding photographer in Charleston, I take pride in capturing the smallest details, like the bride's dress, uniquely and artistically. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a bride getting ready at her aunt's house on Sullivan Island. While the house had good window light, I wanted to create something different and asked if I could take the dress outside. With the help of two bridesmaids and a ladder, we placed the dress on a beautiful wooden garage door for a rustic look. By positioning myself at a lower angle, I was able to capture the dress with leaves from surrounding trees, creating a beautiful and interesting image. The bride was thrilled with the final result and said that the image captured the mood and feel of the entire house in one shot. As a Charleston wedding photographer, I always strive to exceed expectations and create beautiful memories for my clients.

Location: 310 King Street Suite B.

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