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palmetto dunes wedding pictures

Being a wedding photographer requires knowledge of so many things, first, you have to know your craft very well, be a licensed professional, you have to have a great business, be referred by wedding vendors, venues, have fantastic reviews by your past clients, as I am so honored to have earned my black badge given to me by Wedding Wire for my 100 amazing reviews that I am so thankful and humbled to have. You also have to realize that your most powerful tool is your website. Clients bounce from one wedding photographer to another, looking for in this case Palmetto Dunes wedding pictures in Hilton Head South Carolina. ..My clients in this case as most of them want is to make an investment looking for a wedding photographer that can create art, and that is unique, a true storyteller, an artist that can paint the day perfectly by capturing this once in a lifetime joyous moment. More importantly, a wedding photographer that knows how to pose the couple comfortably and let the emotions and true feeling for one another be representing in many wedding images. They picked a perfect venue like Palmetto Dunes and wanted wedding pictures that reflected that moment and venue. Palmetto Dunes in Hilton Head, South Carolina has many acres of land and many different beautiful locations for any storyteller to capture those special moments. This image in particular for me sets the mood and the tone, for my client's passion and love for one another. It truly is a work of art and it always makes me feel so good when I photograph weddings, by being a master of my craft, putting the passion into the image, and then being a master artist in creating an image that is so breathtaking

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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