Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina Photographer
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Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Charleston, SC, my top priority is capturing authentic and romantic images of the couple. I take great pride in my craft and have honed my skills over time, as evidenced by the beautiful photos I have taken at venues like Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina. This venue boasts stunning views of the Ravenel Bridge and the retired battleship Yorktown, as well as a beach and private dock. During a recent shoot, my clients and I stumbled upon a unique scene they wanted to be captured. The groom dipped the bride flawlessly, and I exposed her dress correctly. I added a special filter to the surrounding bushes and trees to enhance the photo's aesthetic appeal and give it a cozy, rustic vibe. The final result was a perfect capture of the couple's special day.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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