Best Wedding Photographs in Charleston
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Best Wedding Photographs in Charleston

The special moment of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready is truly meaningful. Many of the bridesmaids are either siblings or childhood, high school, or college friends, which makes the occasion even more special. As a wedding photographer, my goal is to capture the emotions and laughter of these precious moments to create the best wedding photograph in Charleston. During this particular shoot, I had the pleasure of working with four bridesmaids who were full of positive energy, love, and laughter as they helped the bride get ready. Rather than posing my clients, I prefer to move around and observe, using my camera to capture different angles and perspectives. This approach allows me to provide my clients with a range of images that fully capture the essence of their special day. In this particular photograph, the high angle and natural, unposed nature of the shot perfectly highlight the true bonding and laughter between the bridesmaids and the bride. It is moments like these that make me proud to be known for creating the best wedding photographs in Charleston, SC.

Location: 310 King Street Suite B Charleston, SC.

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