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Photographers Bridal Portrait Charleston SC

Being one of the bridal portrait photographers in Charleston, Sc, is a great honor and privilege. Having your clients believe in you and the art that you provide to them is very special. Delivering that and much, much more, is what I am very good at doing. Art in photography is one thing and creating bridal portrait images that appeal to all of my brides, as been a process I have mastered in my craft. Your clients will often trust you and in return, you always have to ask them where they would like to be photographed, in this amazing city of ours Charleston Sc. On this bridal portrait, my clients chose Belmond Charleston Place, located at the very heart of downtown Charleston, in the historic district and within walking distance of all the major attractions, Belmond Charleston Place is a part of this southern city. With so many amenities such as a very large indoor swimming pool, health club, business center, and some of the best shops, this hotel features an amazing lobby with a giant chandelier and two spiral staircases. The front of the hotel has 3 full-size horses statues water fountain, which is unique and different. A first-class hotel. We started in the lobby of Belmont Charleston Place, and then went outdoor, where I created this bridal portrait. By using the horse's statue in the background, I was able to photograph the back of the dress. I love how in pre-post, I made this image into a B&W, how her beautiful veil covers the entire dress in its unique way, which makes this entire bridal portrait capture look great, and how the train of her dress in that perfect circle.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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