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Charleston SC Bridal Portrait Photographer

I love photography, and more when 16 years ago, I began my wedding photography for my past clients, and with my amazing vendors, and venue I have had the pleasure of capturing. When I was first approached to create a bridal portrait, I remember there were only about 5 of us wedding photographers in town. I also remember that the other 4 wedding photographers were photographing at that time bridal portraits in their studio, go figure. I know that when I moved here to Charleston, SC, and just admiring the beauty of this historic city that there was a purpose. My first bridal portrait and all of the weddings that I have photographed with all the amazing backgrounds that this city has to offer made my photography stand out. Every bridal portrait, they are very different and unique. I always ask my clients if they have a perfect background setting that they want to incorporate, and most of the time, I hear “I trust you you're the professional”. As in this image, the bride and her mom, walked with me from the Custom House on East Bay Street, to Church street, there I found a stucco home and loved that grain look, being careful and making very sure it was not going to get on the brides dress, I had her extend her arms, being at the right angle where the veil fell, I captured this beautiful image. Then coming back to the studio and putting some post-production to the image and by turning it into B&W and applying some vignetting effect. I love the final image, as a Charleston, SC, bridal portrait photographer, it has a great art feel to it.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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