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Charleston Bridal Potrait Photographer

Charleston, SC, photographer. When your future brides are looking for a bridal portrait photography session, most of them will choose to be photographed in our historic city of Charleston, SC. Known as the Holy City, Charleston houses a variety of churches scattered throughout the historic city, numerous steeples poke out among the buildings in Charleston's cityscape, The streets of Downtown Charleston are paved with cobblestone This city as so much to offer from the Market area Meeting Street and Market Street or East Bay Street, another popular location is Broad Street, as well as The Battery where all of the Charleston homes overlook Fort Sumter. The French Quarter historic landmarks, including 18th-century homes and plantations, There are many other choices as well to many to list, but one of my favorite spots to start a bridal portrait is a condo residence that has an amazing iron gate. Photographing a bridal portrait on location, intel incorporating the Charleston, SC, theme, as in this amazing image, I found the gate being separated as an introduction to the beauty of the bride and her gorgeous dress, also known as the leading lines, from the stairs in the background, and by adding her bouquet on the bottom of the image made it complete. The final capture is an image very representing a perfect bridal portrait, and her beauty in this great Holy City, Charleston, SC.

Location: Charleston, .

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