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Bridal Portrait Photographers Charleston

Being artistic has led me to keep doing what I do best, photographing engagements, bridal portraits, and weddings. It is one of the greatest gifts anyone can have. Capturing bridal portraits is an art, you have to make very sure that you capture the right images for the clients. Many times you want the clients to have spectacular images that they will remember for a long time. For them it is an all-day process, they have to get their hair ready, order the bouquet, put on the dress, and walk through Charleston, Sc, to get the perfect bridal portrait. Yes anyone can claim that they can do this, but unless you have years of knowledge and have done this, and know the perfect locations as to a background to be used in the bridal portrait, then there is the right light, what the timing in all of this will be? How you put all of this together, to balance it to have a great ending result in fine art bridal portrait. For me my clients understand that and want the very best, they have already given me an idea of what type of theme they want for their bridal portrait, which takes me to this image, I knew when I saw the bride and her mother that they were in love with her train, and that spoke to me. After a couple of locations, we ended up here at this church with rich iron gates, which was perfect for these images. I posed the bride in front of the gate and with my camera went into a very low angle, from there, I put the right lens on the camera which gave me a complete image, as your eyes go to the very top of the image which is the church steeple. Definitely one of their favorite image choices from that day, and mine as well.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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